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3w is a modern IT solutions company with an innovative and diligent work ethic. We foster a hip and dynamic culture. Our objective is to satisfy every customer by providing services that bring efficient and effective results to their business.
We specialize in IT Consulting. Our services include decades of experience in Web Design, Custom Software Development, Web and Mobile Application Development, Web Hosting, Graphic Design and more. We listen to understand customer’s needs, we take ownership of problems and find the best solutions. Our passion is to persevere until we bring excellence to every customer’s expectations.
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E-Commerce Platforms widely used by various Businesses and Customized E-Commerce systems that can deal with hardware integration such as Barcode Reader etc.


Frameworks for Different Programming Languages and Customized frameworks designed for better performance.

Web Development

Customized Website Development from basic CMS Platforms to System Engineering and Architecture that offers the best. User Experience, Responsive Display and integrity in Security.

Mobile App

Mobile Development for both Android and IOS,from usual mobile applications to Hybrid Applications Engineered to interact with other programming structures like Web Applications.


API Integration from Third party source and API development for Web and Mobile Application.

Database Management

Designing Database Architecture and Optimization for various Database Management Systems which can be used by multiple programming languages and any type of application such as desktop, web and mobile.

Communications Technology

Deployment of voip servers and setup of multiple line PBX systems for business use and software integration for multiple communications platforms!


Social Media Management - The process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Email Marketing - A fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers by encouraging repeat website visits.

Game Development

Development of small scale games in 2D or 3D for multiple platforms including Windows, Android, IOS, and so on. Can include 2D or 3D asset creation. Browser based games are also an option. Offers clean, maintainable, and scalable source code.

3D Visualization

Modeling of professional, high quality 3D assets. Attention to detail is given to services such as product renderings, floor plans, automotive modelling and other 3D rendering needs.

Web Content

Any creative element like text, audio and video than can be placed on a website!

Website Maintenance and Hosting

Website Maintenance - Frequent check-up of your website for issues, mistakes and bugs and consistently modernized and up-to-date. Malware Removal - The elimination of viruses, phishing and other malicious software/code that may have infected your website. Web Hosting Providing storage space and access for personal or business websites.

Graphic Design

The art or skill of combining text and pictures in logos, illustrations, brochures, flyers. business cards etc.

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